Seareach are specialists in security printing, such as custom printed security and asset labels. We are based in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex with a global reach; serving education, businesses, governments and individuals. With over 30 years of experience in print, we provide bespoke custom labelling to the highest standards. Our products can be found in places such as education institutions, large facilities management companies, hospitals, blue chip organisations through to smaller companies, local schools and churches. Protect. Identify. Manage.

What labels or tags do you require?

Seareach offers a wide variety of different printed labels, we strive to ensure you have the best solutions based on your specific requirements. As specialist label printers, we can meet even the most demanding needs and pride ourselves on finding solutions to the most difficult problems.

Knowing what you need can often be difficult and that’s why Seareach are here to help. We can walk you through your requirements and offer advice based on years’ of real-world experience. We have access to specialist materials, inks and machinery allowing us to offer you the most complete and bespoke solutions possible.

What products do we offer?

Seareach offers custom solutions to any requirements, as a specialist in the field we offer the following:

Asset Labels – These labels are a familiar sight in businesses, hospitals and organisations large and small. These labels are used to keep track of vital assets both fixed and portable as they move in and around your organisation. Asset labelling allows you to identify your assets as your own and help prevent opportunistic theft and accidental loss.

Barcode Labels – A barcode or QR code (Data matrix etc) speeds up data capture, making audits fast and accurate. Using a barcode linked to an asset ID number reduces the risk of incorrect entry onto an asset register. Barcodes can also aid your IT & facilities departments to quickly identify, log and manage both regular and unexpected maintence and servicing. They can be printed from supplied Excel databases or lists in order to align to your existing systems.

Tamper Evident Labels – Tamper evident labels help prevent unauthorised access to secure devices and locations. Our tamper evident materials secure against out of warranty/unofficial repairs, in transit theft, access control and deter swapping of high-value products. We have a range of materials suitable for use indoors and out, suitable for high value, demanding and delicate surfaces.

Toughened Tags – When your key assets and tools are taken away from your location, you need a label that can stand up to the worst you can throw at it. Our Toughened asset tags and barcode labels feature a full polycarbonate face or aluminium backing to defend against rough treatment and use. Ideal for hand tools and hard working field equipment, these tags are our toughest offering.

Engraved Tags – Our range of engraved tags come available in a number of different materials including aluminium and hardwearing plastics in a range of colours and custom sizes. Using state of the art laser and CNC machines, we are able to supply engraved tags to any custom design including numbering and logos – ideal for marking and identifying doors, pipework and hard-to-label soft goods.

Security Labels – Provide tamper evident or tamper-resistant properties for identification, unauthorised removal or access. Our security labels can include a wide range of security features to prevent tampering or theft. These can be simple solutions such as control numbers or complex covert features. We have a long history of providing high-security solutions to the automotive, aviation, military and security services at home and around the world.

Security Printing – We offer a full range of security printing solutions and are proud to be one of the UK’s security printing specialists. Services we offer here include brand protection labels, A4 cheque printing, security printed documents and certificates.

Custom Labels – We can design and supply custom labels in a variety of formats. Seareach has access to a wide selection of base materials with specialist properties and can use a selection of specialist print process (such as outdoor UV resistant printing) to achieve the look and finish you need. These can be used as packaging labels, event labels or promotional labels. These come with a very high quality print finish too, making your labels stand out amongst the rest.

Why should you use Seareach?

Seareach have been working in the label industry for more than 30 years, gaining specialist knowledge and skills. We are trusted by our customers to deliver on-time, even under tight deadlines. We’re proud to offer a fully customised service, allowing us to work with you to provide the highest quality labels.

Whatever your labelling needs, do not hesitate to contact us via the following link or by calling +44 (0) 1702 476 286 | Contact Us. Our team will be more than happy to help, whatever the query.