Heavy duty engraved tags, laser ablated (for fine detail engraving) traffolyte and etched signs for fast deployment and numbered identification of doors, safety areas, industrial plant – valves, pipes, dog tags, metal conduit marking, taps, electrics, moving parts and heavy equipment in extreme conditions.

We can also produce CNC milled custom tags and plaques – containing words, cut-outs and drilled holes for riveting or bolting into position. They are available in many colours and thicknesses.

Our stock dog tags are designed for use with our asset tag labels. Containing a drilled hole with ball link chain & clasp, this allows for looping through handles for identifying & marking.

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Laser and CNC engraved name plate tags, showing colours & sizes
  • Laser and CNC engraved name plate tags, showing colours & sizes
  • Traffolyte engraved labels showing shapes and colours
  • Photo of Valve identification nameplate tag label with chain and clasp
  • CNC Engraved Key Locker Tags
  • Engraved door number letters and tags
  • Numbered Door Plaques with Screw Holes

  Fast delivery – Many sizes can be dispatched in a few days

  Ball chain links & clasps – To allow hanging and looping (on Valves, etc)

  Holes pre-drilled – For physical fixing to your machinery, plant & assets.

  Range of Colours – To differentiate sites, doors, zones & applications.

  Thick gauge multi-ply plastics – Durable, for harsh environments

  Free Quote – Tell us your requirements & we’ll email or call promptly

  Credit accounts available

We are able to supply these with a quick turnaround, to allow you to get on with your hotel numbering, guest house, machinery and plant identification.

Applications of these engraved tags are for asset management, identification, numbering, warning, isolator, manifold, gas & water supply, high voltage and many more.

If you have a specific requirement for traffolite or stainless steel tags, please let us know and we can quote on your requirement very quickly.