Our tough tamper evident labels are produced with strong, quick reacting adhesive that reveals VOID when tampering happens or they break into tiny fragments.

They are supplied on printed rolls, ready for hand application with a custom design, bespoke to your requirements; such as a warning, logo, QR code, barcode or sequential number.

Suitable for PCs, laptops, seams, flaps, boxes, bags, memory covers, packages, screw holes & supplied with an un-copyable hologram for security. Our labels are used by Businesses, Schools, Police & many other identification, warranty & swap out applications worldwide.

Printed to your requirements and delivered next-day … It’s so easy!

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Porsche Security Void Label Photo
  • Porsche Security Void Label Photo
  • Security anti tamper seal label
  • USB Key Small Asset Label
  • Photo of warranty void label
  • Photo of security label
  • Tamperproof property label
  • Photo of security frangible label
  • Close up of hologram label showing colours

  Protect & mark items quickly and securely

  Prevent tampering and efforts at removing

  Free Un-copyable Hologram stripe on edge available

  Permanent, Voiding and Tamper Frangible materials

  Free proof within 1 hour

  Free Insured next-day delivery

  Tried and Tested solutions. 30 years’ experience

The tamper proof labels that Seareach® produces are used in situations where warranty claims or tamper evidence is required.

We find that manufacturers who offer some form or warranty or guarantee with their products need these tamper stickers to protect from fraudulent insurance claims and where people swap out items in order to get a free replacement. This can cost brand owners many thousands of pounds and staff hours in fulfilling these claims, as they have no way of uniquely identifying or authenticating their items.

They are also useful for sealing boxes for transit or for sealing bags and other items where tamper evidence is important. These anti tamper labels are usually supplied on rolls and can be printed with the company’s logo, a sequential or serial number, a batch number and/or a barcode for scanning capabilities. Sometimes the customer prefers to use a random range of numbers so that they can cross these off a master list to further prevent duplicate numbers.

Another security measure is having an un-copyable hologram on the label which makes the labels very difficult to copy. To get some samples of our tamper evident labels sent in the post, please us the buttons above. Just send your logo and/or text and we will produce a design and provide a quotation free of charge.