Schools & Education ImageWith expensive ITC kit such as interactive whiteboards, tablets computers, specialist projectors and visualisers now found in education establishments, the need for inventory control and asset identification labels are critical.

Adding logos and motifs, contact details, bar codes and individual numbering to your assets and equipment allows administrators to loan out computers, laptops and other valuable equipment to departments, classes and students – whilst comfortably knowing that if an item goes missing, there is a good chance it will be returned or handed back.

If equipment is moved between premises or taken off-site, tagging the items with your details and recording the asset number minimises the risk of loss – and increases the chances of recovery or a successful insurance claim.

With the ability to quickly view a database of your most valuable assets, you have the control to see when warranties run out, pat testing is required and/or when equipment has reached the end of it’s lifespan.

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